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Kristine Regalado, M.Ed., BCBA

Program Coordinator -

In Home Therapy

Kristine Regalado's experience in the field of behavior analysis is marked by a deep commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals with autism. A graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor's degree in psychology, Kristine began her career working at a school for children with autism. In this role, she worked with a diverse group of students whose needs varied greatly. What sets Kristine apart is the unwavering support she provided her students in the classroom. Her unique ability to connect with each child, coupled with her dedication, created an environment where students not only learned but thrived.

Kristine's academic journey continued with a master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, also from Arizona State University. Armed with advanced knowledge, she transitioned to become a 1-on-1 behavior technician, providing support for children with autism in home and community settings. Following the completion of her supervised fieldwork, Kristine earned board certification making her a BCBA.

Kristine has played a pivotal role in the inception of Full Spectrum's in-home therapy program, collaborating with Dr. Rebecca to deliver impactful and personalized services to families.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Kristine enjoys spending time crafting and recreating Pinterest designs.


Kristine's unwavering dedication, coupled with her unique ability to foster a thriving learning environment, contributes to the enriching atmosphere at Full Spectrum Learn & Play.

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